Cloud system


"Cloud computing system" provides "virtual machines" as the computing platform users can customize for their own purpose of research.
The system has ability of providing one to 250 at the most virtual machines. Users can run their software on their private system like workstations and a cluster computing system.
Moreover, virtual machines are used to verify a constructed system or integrated into a high-availability platform.

Specification of the cloud system

Cloud management servers 2
Computing nodes
(12 nodes)
Processor Intel Xeon E5-2680 V3 (2.5GHz, 12cores) x 2/node
Number of cores for each virtual machine 1 / 4 / 12
Memory of each virtual machine 2GB / 8GB / 21GB
Cloud management software CloudPlatform
Only access from NIMS

 Users can see "details of Cloud system".